Who Are We?

We call ourselves Dykes With Drills. By using the word โ€œdykeโ€, we reclaim it from its history of oppression and exclusion. By using drills and other tools, we build communities of diversity and inclusion. Our community of builders includes people of all sexualities and genders, including those who are non-conforming, transgender, and allies.

Our mission

We create equity for women, transgender, and gender non-conforming folx in the trades and construction industry.

By hosting tools workshops, volunteer events, job referrals, and meet-ups, we cultivate opportunities for individuals to connect with each other and to use power tools. In everything we do, we foster safe, inclusive, non-judgmental spaces for learning and teaching.

Our Goals

To engage more people in the trades and construction

Power tools are empowering! Industries that use power tools are sorely lacking in gender and racial diversity, which is why we are all about growing our community of transgender, womxn, and gender nonconforming people in the trades. We engage people of every skill level in opportunities to use the power tools that help us build independence and confidence in ourselves.

To increase visibility

Representation matters. By promoting stories of underrepresented people in skilled trades, we are increasing opportunities for people to be seen and heard as leaders in their industries. Members of our community are already building awesome things - we want to make sure they are recognized for that.

To connect people

We undermine the inequity that is perpetuated in the trades by connecting with each other. New handypersons to highly skilled tradespeople, homeowners to contractors, learners to teachers - we are all in this together. Through project-based collaboration, volunteering, job referrals, and meet-ups, we connect with each other and establish a vibrant network of transgender, womxn, and gender nonconforming people who build.

To offer affordable learning opportunities

Economic disparity is a reality of marginalized groups in society. We are determined to make sure that our tools workshops are inclusive of people in a variety of financial situations, using sliding scales and making sure no one is turned away for lack of funds (NOTAFLOF).

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To get in contact with us directly, please email us at info@dykeswithdrills.com

With love,

Dykes with Drills