Who Are we?

Hi! We are Dykes With Drills.

We call ourselves Dykes With Drills because we think it's empowering to use the word dyke, and because we love using drills.

Our mission is to create equity for women, transgender and gender non conforming people in housing trades and the construction industry.

We do this by creating safe, inclusive, nonjudgmental workshops and volunteer opportunities that focus on teaching women, transgender and gender non conforming folx construction and housing trade skills.

Yes we call ourselves Dykes with Drills, and we are a group of builders inclusive of all gender non conforming, trans people and allies.

We welcome anyone and everyone who wants these skills for themselves and their communities to reach out and participate with us!

Here at Dykes with Drills we are committed to 4 goals.

1. Giving people of all skill levels independence and confidence when using power tools

2. Creating communities of people through project based collaboration

3. Learning from our mistakes

4. Providing all of this for free or at an affordable price

If you want more information or to get in contact with us directly, email us at dykeswithdrills@gmail.com.

With love,

Dykes with Drills