Tiny House for Homeless Youth Community Project


Dykes with Drills is partnering with Youth Spirit Artworks

We are building one of 12 tiny houses in a tiny house village for homeless youth.

In January 2016, youth at YSA initiated a community organizing campaign to build a Youth Tiny House Village in the San Francisco East Bay. They are working in partnership with non-profit developer Housing Consortium of the East Bay and the local interfaith community to complete a multi-face, community-led Village that is designed by the young people it will benefit. The Village will feature:

  • 14 secure 8โ€ฒ x 10โ€ฒ Tiny Houses with lofted beds, windows, skylight, storage, electricity, furnishings

  • On-site, clean communal bathrooms and showers

  • A kitchen yurt for residents to cook weekly communal meals and securely store their own food

  • Community gathering space for meetings

  • Associated jobs training program through YSA

  • Associated social services through YSA

  • Restorative justice covenant and community process

  • On-site Resident Assistant who lives in the community

In addition to a prototype built in 2017, YSA has built two houses in March and April of 2019 and will be building 12 houses in August and September. 

We are actively recruiting voluNteeRs

We need the help of our community to building one of the 12 remaining houses by exclusively women, trans and gender non conforming folks.

We have three build days and are looking for 12-15 volunteers each day.

The build days are:

  • September 21st

  • September 28th

  • October 5th

Please sign up as a volunteer by emailing us at dykeswithdrills@gmail.com.

To learn more about Youth Spirit Artworks click here.