Julie Peri 

Founder & Co-Director

Julie is a lifelong creator, and spent her childhood bringing her imagination to life with LEGOs, couch cushion forts and homemade murder mystery films. Julie followed her passion for building and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in civil engineering.

After graduating Julie worked as a construction supervisor with Habitat for Humanity in the East Bay teaching building skills to volunteers.

Julie believes that there is no such thing as failure, only an opportunity to grow, and believes we can create magical outcomes with teams and teamwork. Julie is passionate about sharing her love of growth with others, and is an unstoppable clearing for power and courageous action, through vulnerable communication.

Julie’s favorite phrase is “anything is possible.”

When not in the shop you can find Julie in the waves of ocean beach, hanging out at her beautiful partner, or visiting her loved ones in and around the Bay Area.

Meredith Slater

Development Coordinator & Co-Director


Madeline Fried

Workshop Instructor



Co-founder, Workshop Instructor, Director

West is a former science teacher and current builder / student of woodworking and carpentry - living in a home they designed and built. They are interested in creating spaces for queers, women and marginalized groups to build whatever they dream up. West is passionate about building strong queer community.