Dykes with Drills - Meet Up and Happy Hour @ 6pm


Do you like power tools? Do you like building? 

Maybe you want to know more about building and tools?

Do you identify as a woman, dyke, trans person, gender non conforming?   

Wherever you are in your creative, constructive journey we invite you to come join us at Lost & Found Beer Garden in Oakland for a night of connection and community building.


October 17th @ 7pm


Lost & Found Beer Garden in Oakland

Note: we will NOT be using tools at this event. 

We like to use power tools, play, create and imagine, and want to collaborate with you. 

Yes we call ourselves Dykes with Drills, and we are a group of builders inclusive of all gender non conforming, trans people and allies.  This event is all inclusive and open to anyone and everyone who wants to join. 

Do you have questions about accessibility? Wheel chair access? Low scent? Vegan/Gluten free options? Asl or gender neutral bathrooms?

Message us! We are happy to work with you and your needs.

We are looking forward to collaborating and creating with you. 

With love,